20 months!


It’s been a busy few weeks for us highlighted by Halloween. The boys had a lot of fun this year going to 2 different events. We even managed to teach them to say Trick or Treat. They of course have no idea what candy is or why people were putting things in their candy buckets but they seemed happy to simply be dressed up. It was fun to see them check out the other kids in their costumes. Sharks and monkeys seemed to be the ones that caught their attention the most.

We then had to deal with Daylight Savings Time and it seems to have worked out well for us this time. The boys have constantly been sleeping a bit later and waking up later so they are now going to sleep at a better time and also seem to be sleeping in a bit longer so we are benefiting from the best of both worlds at the moment. It is a nice feeling being able to eat dinner before 10pm and to be asleep by 11pm!

The weekends are so much fun these days. We always seem to be have an activity to go to which the boys really love.  It’s very rewarding to see their reaction to their new experiences.  The next few weeks should be great with a lot of holiday activities coming up.  The highlight of the weekend for me is putting Aydin to sleep in the afternoon.   We have our set routine at night which is summarized nicely by Ashar these days, “Ashar-dad, Aydin- mommy”.  This means that my only chance to put Aydin to sleep is for his nap in the afternoon on the weekends so I try to enjoy it the best I can.  He loves cars and has a small blue car comfort blanket.  I put that on my shoulder and he just snuggles up while on my shoulder.  It usually only takes a few minutes for him to fall asleep but I usually hold him for a few extra minutes as I know this won’t last much longer and I know I will miss it.  My routine with Ashar is talking about his day.  When we get in his room, he says, “What Ashar do today.”  He sits on my lap while we go through the story which is usually interactive – and usually involves a shark (see video for more evidence of his love of sharks).  Once the story of his day is finished, he goes through all the names of our family before he turns and wants me to put him on my shoulder.  The other night he was so tired when we got to the room, he just turned to me and said, “Ashar sleep”.  He was out in under 2 minutes – and yes, I took the opportunity to hold him for a few extra minutes and get a few extra cuddles in too!


In case you couldn’t make out some of the words, the boys are talking about sharks, pumpkins and turtles in the beginning and the meal they ate at a restaurant we went to on Halloween night a few days earlier – specifically, ice cream, fries, bread, chicken and pasta.

One of the highlights for me at the moment is that the boys are really getting in to sports. It’s great because on any given night, there is baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer or football on tv. I stumbled on to something magical a few weeks ago when I took Aydin up for a diaper change against his will. I turned the tv on to calm him down and the baseball game was on – and he loved it. So I tried the same thing with Ashar. Next thing I know, he is saying, “1, 2 THROW” when the pitcher threw the ball. The fun part is when we went back downstairs, he wanted to play baseball and I have to admit, he’s got a great arm on him already!  He can also kick the ball quite well so I’d say baseball and soccer are in his future.

Every night, we watch a few minutes of whatever game is on tv. I haven’t figured out which sport they enjoy watching the most but they seem to enjoy all of them. They love basketball and will practice on their hoop and the same goes for soccer and hockey as well.  Aydin really seems to enjoy playing hockey and basketball the most. It’s so cute to watch him try to dribble a ball simply because he can’t do it yet.  They can both dunk the ball but Aydin is getting pretty good at shooting it in the net and when he makes a basket, he says “awesome”!  The other night, the hockey game was on and a goal was scored.  Ashar figured out what happened and said “Yay”! Aydin was worried about the goalie who fell to the ice when he went to make the save which resulted in a reaction of “uh oh” from him.  I have to admit, this dad is on cloud 9 right now!



The biggest milestone in the past month is that Ashar recently decided that he wants to sit on the potty.  We encouraged this by offering small rewards for sitting but now he seems to just want to go because, well, he has to go.  I have to admit, although it is tiring to keep taking him, what seems like every 15 minutes, it’s pretty cute to see him sitting there and reading a book.  He really seems to enjoy flushing the toilet and sometimes we wonder if he really has to go or if he just wants to flush.  It’s still hit or miss but we are both learning quickly.  Believe it or not, I hadn’t been the recipient of a pee shower from either of the boys but one of the first times I took Ashar to the bathroom, I made the mistake of taking his diaper off before getting his potty set up.  And a few seconds later, I received my initiation to the club!  Parenting wouldn’t be complete without it 🙂